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  • Microgard is fantastic. I have gotten great results with it both personally and with my patients. I personally have seen my digestion strengthen and regulate. It has helped me when I travel or during the holiday time when my diet is irregular. My patients all report improved digestion as well. It has helped them with bloating and irregular bowel movements. They come back asking for more. When prescribed properly it can help with diarrhea or constipation. And I love it because I know I’m giving my patients the best in quality, potency, and cleanliness.
  • I started using Microgard Plus when it first came out and I've been nothing short of amazed! My first occurrence was after eating Tex Mex and a few drinks at a social hour. My stomach was very uncomfortable and full. I took a dose and within 10 minutes I felt totally better.

    Since then, I have used it with dozens of patients for anything from IBS, diarrhea and bloating to patients with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. I would highly recommend using this product!
    Chris V
  • The quality of this Er Miao San is excellent! I've been using it with my patients for several things such as gout, UTI and pain with great results. One patient who is a brewer (and my partner) gets frequent gout flare ups and I had him on Si Miao because I couldn't find Er Miao. The Si Miao kept the pain down, but since being on the Botanical Biohacking Er Miao the flare ups have been practically non-existent. He is one happy camper and so am I! I have personally gotten rid of a UTI with it and have several Interstitial Cystitis patients taking it now. Highly recommend!
    Rawls Whittlesey


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