Botanical BioHacking: Er Miao San

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Er Miao San comes in 19 gram vials.

At a dose of 20 teapills, 3 times per day, one vial generally lasts 2 weeks.

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Supplement Facts: Huang Bai, Cang Zhu

TCM Actions: Clears heat and eliminates dampness; designed to treat lower jiao damp-heat, or damp-heat causing: low back pain; leukorrhea; edema; weakness, pain or atrophy of the lower extremities; eczema; aches and pains; rash or pustules or sores around the genitals, armpits, or inner thighs; arthritis; urinary tract problems characterized by damp-heat; gout; herpes genitalia; fungal infections; dermatitis; dysmenorrhea and other conditions characterized by damp-heat.

*** The conditions listed are only examples and still require a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis of damp-heat. This includes proper diagnosis utilizing symptoms, tongue and/or pulse diagnosis. The conditions listed do not automatically indicate a diagnosis of damp-heat, though damp-heat is a common cause of these issues.

Dosage: Take 10-25 micro pills, 2-3 times a day

Net Weight: 19 g ( 0.70 oz )

Highlights of our Er Miao Wan that you’ll not find anywhere else:

1. Huang Bai is from 30-year-old trees which contains higher active ingredients

2. Cang Zhu and Huang Bai are properly processed with ancient methods to ultimately maintain its potency of draining dampness without hurting the Yin with the reduced dryness nature.

3. A dream team of 7 experts from 2 universities are seeing to levels of detail that aren’t recorded in herb books. This is where science meets art.

This product has no preservatives so it’s important to keep it in a cool and dry place and once it’s open please finish it as soon as possible. Keeping it in the refrigerator after opening is a great idea.

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2 reviews for Botanical BioHacking: Er Miao San

  1. Rawls Whittlesey

    The quality of this Er Miao San is excellent! I've been using it with my patients for several things such as gout, UTI and pain with great results. One patient who is a brewer (and my partner) gets frequent gout flare ups and I had him on Si Miao because I couldn't find Er Miao. The Si Miao kept the pain down, but since being on the Botanical Biohacking Er Miao the flare ups have been practically non-existent. He is one happy camper and so am I! I have personally gotten rid of a UTI with it and have several Interstitial Cystitis patients taking it now. Highly recommend!

  2. Andrea

    This Er Miao is amazing! A patient had a rash in their armpit that would not go away for months despite changing deodarants and completely stopping any use of under arm products. Small dosing of this got rid of a painful, burning, itchy, red rash and it has not returned. Highly recommended!

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