Botanical BioHacking: Microgard

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Current Batch Expiration: 10/2026


Think Bao He Wan, Po Chai Pills, and ST 25, ST 40, SP 9, and PC 6.

Now picture using the best quality herbs on Earth. Help absolve your patients of their dietary sins.

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Current Batch Expiration: 10/26
Think Bao He Wan, Po Chai Pills, and st 25, st 40, sp 9, and pc 6. Now picture using the best quality herbs on Earth. Help absolve your patients of their dietary sins.
For when you eat foods that you shouldn't.
When you eat something you shouldn't have, anxiety, fat loss, brain fog. Not necessary for those who intermittently fast or are on a ketogenic diet. For everyone else...its a good idea to keep on hand. Honestly two weeks on this is about what it takes to get most American guts working on par with rural Chinese who are on a more plant based diet.

Supplement Facts: Guang Dong Shen Qu,  Mu Xiang, Hou Po,Tian Hua Fen, Bo He, Ji Li, Guang Huo Xiang, Ge Gen, Hua Ju Hong, Ju Hua,Bai Zhi, Cang Zhu, Yi Yi Ren, Gou Teng, Dao Ya, Fu Ling

TCM Actions: Middle jiao dampness, phlegm and food stagnation.

This formula was designed to deal with gastrointestinal complaints stemming from modern dietary practices which lead to issues of phlegm, dampness and food stagnation. These may include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, abdominal pain or cramping, abdominal discomfort, bloating, food sensitivities, indigestion and hangover. This formula removes dampness and phlegm, clears food stagnation, relieves Qi stagnation and eliminates pathogenic factors.

Microgard is slightly different than Microgard Plus. Microgard is more neutral in temperature than Microgard Plus so is more appropriate for patients that show more heat or neutral type patterns. Microgard Plus is warmer and more drying so is better for people showing signs of colder-type patterns and especially for those who carry extra weight as two of the additional herbs in Microgard Plus (Shan Zha and Shi Chang Pu) have been used to aid in the treatment of weight loss.

Dosage: Take one teaspoon, 2-3 times a day

Additives: None

Net Weight: 18 g

Caution: Not for use during pregnancy

This product has no preservatives so it's important to keep it in a cool and dry place and once it's open please finish it as soon as possible. Refrigerate after opening.

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1 review for Botanical BioHacking: Microgard

  1. Danielle

    Microgard is fantastic. I have gotten great results with it both personally and with my patients. I personally have seen my digestion strengthen and regulate. It has helped me when I travel or during the holiday time when my diet is irregular. My patients all report improved digestion as well. It has helped them with bloating and irregular bowel movements. They come back asking for more. When prescribed properly it can help with diarrhea or constipation. And I love it because I know I’m giving my patients the best in quality, potency, and cleanliness.

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