Red Emperor's Immortal Flame Liniment

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This is what happens when you combine science, tradition and the pursuit for clinical excellence. The Red Emperor's Immortal Flame is a true clinical gem which has been passed down according to tradition from master to student. It has been adapted for general use in the clinic of Sifu Dr. Tom Turcotte, D.O.M. Its effectiveness and all benefits gained by its use are an honor to Sifu Turcotte and his teachers.

Equally well-suited for use by high-performance athletes or those suffering from debilitating arthritis, the Red Emperor's Immortal Flame is a medicinal-strength topical herbal formula. Its composition is expertly crafted to have a deep, penetrating, and warming effect. While its effects are remarkable, it should be used with diligent care. Please be mindful of the cautions, contraindications, and proper TCM pattern discrimination when using.

Supplement Facts: Organic Olive Oil (Olea Europeus), non-GMO Wintergreen (Gaultheria Procumbens), Organic Menthol (Mentha Arvensis), and a proprietary blend of organic medicinal herbs.

TCM Actions: Disperses Wind-Cold-Damp to Treat Bi (Pain) Syndromes, Warms and supplements Yang, Consolidates and Protects the Wei Qi, Warms the Channels, Invigorates blood to promote circulation and stop pain.

From a pharmacological standpoint, the individual properties of the ingredients in this formula include: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, pyretic/antipyretic, counterirritant, anodyne, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiseptic.

Size: 30ml (1.0 oz) blue glass dropper

MSRP: $35.00

Cautions & Contraindications: 

WARNING: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Avoid contact with eyes, groin, and any mucous membranes. Always wash hands thoroughly after handling. Use only as directed. Do not use over open wounds or on damaged skin. Avoid using on red, hot, inflamed joints. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Do not use if cap has been tampered with, broken, or destroyed. Do not use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Differences between the Liniment and Salve:

The key difference between these two products is the beeswax which is included in the salve. The liniment has a fairly immediate, penetrating effect and is great for quick relief. It works well for massaging into affected areas during treatment or with use during cupping.

The addition of the beeswax in the salve makes it more of a slow release which works very well for home use and for chronic aching that works well with a delayed release.

*Organic; contains no alcohol, no dyes, no synthetic ingredients, no paraffin, and no animal products


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